12 sweaty feet

12 sweaty feet

Here’s a fun game: try writing a description every month for a comics that defy description. Michael Olivo’s latest mind-bender is… well, it’s here and it’s fucking cool so just leave it at that, OK? Make up your own damn mind about it, sheesh. 

Matt Crabe 1

matt crabe

If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on dirt is dirt, you’d know that we love our alcohol. So when we hear an uplifting story about how one artist found salvation through the power of booze, naturally we’re all over it. After a “complete failure” of a college education in Photography (his words, not ours!)…


fake blood

Listen up, punks – Michael Olivo’s Fake Blood promises that “what is fake will… soon be real” so read it  or else. I think it involves a detective and some really big tomatos… either way it’s another action-packed trip from our resident comics-slinger. As always, you can check him out at michaelolivo.com 


the soda shop’s 12 inch notes

The Soda Shop is a Savannah, GA based design and print shop, with “an old-school flare” . Aesthetics aside (check out their awesome, 50′s throwback gallery/store front on their website) they live up to the claim by offering hand stitched book binding and letter press printing as well as a full host of more contemporary…

b.i. buke

Remember that one time when you guys were young and your brother called you a name that didn’t make any sense but you were really offended by it anyway? And what did you do about it – you probably cried about it didn’t you? Then you couldn’t think of anything to call him in retaliation…